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About the HOA

The Brookfield Country Club neighborhood is comprised of over 900 homes and includes three entrances and several common areas.  With 900 homes, our residents number in the thousands and our neighborhood is larger than many small towns in Georgia.  We have seen many homes change ownership over the last few years with young families seeking our schools and quality of life.  Many empty-nesters and retirees, some who are original owners, also love Brookfield and together we form the fabric of a vibrant community. 

The Brookfield Country Club Homeowners’ Association (BCCHOA) is a voluntary association working not only to enhance the value of your property but also enhance the quality of life in our neighborhood....making our Brookfield a Better Brookfield. 

Better How?

Civic Affairs - Monitoring the governance within the City of Roswell to ensure proposed zoning and other regulatory changes do not adversely impact our owners’ or surrounding neighborhoods.  
Entrances – The HOA is responsible for routine maintenance, seasonal plantings, fixtures like lighting and irrigation, as well as the flags.  Annual utilities run over $10,000 and routine lawn-maintenance over $20,000.
Appearance – The overall appearance of our neighborhood, from street signs, to signage, falls to the BCCHOA.  We are planning and budgeting for a renewal of the decorative street signs and are also looking for opportunities to enhance the appearance of the neighborhood. 
Community – HOA desires to facilitate events that foster a sense of community and belonging that spans age-groups and house values.  Whether it’s arranging a sports swap so families can unload or find gear, or organizing a fund-raiser to support out veterans – the HOA is looking for opportunities to bring us together.

Brookfield is great already but together we can make it better.  Please join your neighbors and invest in the value of your home and the community by joining the HOA and volunteering to serve alongside your neighbors.  
The Brookfield Country Club Homeowner's Association P.O. Box 800095, Roswell, Georgia 30075