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Common Area Signs

No sign or emblem of any kind may be kept or placed upon any common area (as defined by the City of Roswell, which includes but is not limited to the three entrances to the subdivision, landscaped “islands”, etc.) within the Brookfield Country Club subdivision without the written consent of the Brookfield Country Club Home Owner’s Association President.  To request approval, please provide him/her the following: a physical description (including dimensions) of the sign, the text or graphics present on the sign, the proposed placement of the sign, the number of signs being proposed and the duration of time the signs will be visible in the proposed location(s).
Failure to obtain permission to post the sign prior to it being erected will result in its immediate removal and destruction.  Repeated violation of this policy will result in the escalation of policy enforcement including but not limited to filing a report with the City of Roswell Police Department and/or the Code Enforcement Division.  

Exceptions to the Policy include:  

1.  Official Brookfield Country Club HOA Signs: signs pertaining to official business including but not limited to annual dues notices, notification of upcoming Board of Director meetings, etc. may be erected and remain for a reasonable period of time.
2.  Open House (Realtor) Signs: signs are permitted on the day before the scheduled open house and must be removed by dusk of the date of the open house.
3. Pet Registry Signs: signs announcing a missing pet may be placed in common areas by the resident responsible for managing the pet registry.
4.  Garage Sale Signs: signs announcing a neighborhood garage sale; pre-approved by the City of Roswell.

The following guidelines apply to every sign that, once approved, is erected in a common area.   

1.  Sign may not be larger than 2 feet by 2 feet.
2.  All signs must be professionally printed, and include a wooden or metal stake.
3. “Handmade" signs are not permitted.
4. Safety considerations must be made.  For example, signs cannot block the view of drivers approaching  an intersection.