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Positive Changes in 2018 
Posted on Jan 1st, 2018

Hi, my name is Kevin McCann. I’m currently serving as the President of the Brookfield Country Club Homeowners' Association. My family and I have lived in Brookfield since October of 2010 and really love this community. I wanted to convey a few of my thoughts on what you should expect to see from your HOA now and moving forward.
Changes in 2018
The HOA board has identified 3 issues to work on in 2018. First, we’re bringing the role of the HOA back to basics. This means that we’re focusing on core tasks to improve common areas in the community, protect our home values and capitalize on opportunities to make residents’ quality of life even better.
The second issue we’re focused on is increasing community participation. This happens in two ways. One is with constructive conversations that provide the the opportunity for residents to be heard and also be able listen to others. We’re interested in what you think. The second type of participation is financial. Currently only half of our residents contribute, but everyone benefits from the resources the HOA provides. Wouldn’t it be pretty great if we could all recognize how fortunate we are to live in this community and pay our $125 annual dues?
The third area of focus is revamping our HOA website so it is a more useful tool for residents. We think you’ll like what’s coming.
2018 seems like it got here in a hurry. Friends, life is short.......let’s make this year count. Together, with a little effort we can help make Brookfield the neighborhood and community that adds something positive to your life. Let’s start this year on the right foot with better communication, collaboration and having 100% of our residents become dues paying members.
By volunteering to serve on the board or as a member, we have made a commitment to this community. We want you to join us and make that commitment as well. Thanks and let’s have a great 2018!