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Flock Safety Camera System
Posted on Feb 1st, 2018

This month I wanted to circle back on our Virtual Security Gate through Flock Safety and let you know that they are currently up and running! The conversations the Board has had with many residents has been extremely positive and we could not be more excited about having them in our community. Here are a few additional details on the cameras:
There are 6 cameras positioned around the neighborhood. The cameras do not record video. Rather, they are motion activated and positioned to capture a photo of vehicles and license plates that pass by. Those photos are uploaded into an encrypted cloud based server and available in the event we need to access them, and deleted after 30 days. If an incident occurs in the neighborhood and you believe the photos may provide assistance, please contact the HOA Board with the following information: your name, a description of the incident, a date and time window needed for the search, any additional details you have regarding the situation that would assist a search.
Soon, the HOA website will feature a link to Flock Safety that will include information on the cameras as well as a link to register your vehicle as a resident vehicle. In the unfortunate incident of a crime, this will assist in distinguishing neighborhood residents' cars from other cars passing through. The website will also feature information on a recent success story involving the Flock Safety system in a neighborhood in Buckhead. This technology has incredible potential and we are fortunate to have them in place.
This board is getting the HOA back to the basics by improving transparency and communication. We are on the verge of some great things here in Brookfield and we need your involvement. The best way to stay informed and involved is to pay your 2018 HOA dues, which are $125 per year.......that's all. Your financial involvement is crucial but so are your ideas and suggestions. Keep them coming. We are listening and we are looking forward to a great 2018!
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