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Yard of the Month

MAY 2021
Patrick and Kerrie Furlong
1445 Lakemist Court
Roswell has always been my home base.  I grew up here and this community is where I learned to ride a bike, play football, baseball, tennis and knew I could count on neighbors.  When our son Fletcher was getting ready to go into first grade we were living in Marietta, but really wanted to get back to Roswell for the schools and the community. We looked at so many homes that weren't a great fit for us, so we focused more on neighborhoods where we wanted to live.  When we found our house, we just decided to invest our time and money to make the home that we wanted in a neighborhood we love.
We started out with a ranch house but needed more space.  We took the house down to the foundation and chimney.  We reframed and added a second story.  Our goal was to have open family areas but also have parts of the house where you could go for quiet and relaxation.  We put 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, an additional laundry room, and a teen loft upstairs.  Downstairs, we have an open floor plan that ties the kitchen and family rooms together and this opens up to a screened in porch out back. 
Our architect was John Albanese with Harrison Design and he helped us figure out how to balance function and style.  Kerrie worked with Rick Anthony Bonner with Insidesign to figure out a comfortable and classic look. 
I've moved my company's office 5 minutes away off 92 behind Slopes.  This makes work/life balance more possible.   An added benefit is that I have been able to work with so many of our neighbors, which honestly is pretty great. 
Kerrie and I met during our senior year at the University of Georgia; we could not have imagined the adventure of raising 3 kids. Our 3 children, Fletcher, Josceline, and Heath have so many friends and are busy playing baseball, basketball, football, golf, and other mischief. People choose to live in Brookfield Country Club for the same reasons we do and that’s what makes it a great place to live. 

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