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Yard of the Month

May 2020
Lene and Lars Agerskov
12075 Brookfield Club Dr.
Residents since 2002 and proud Members of the HOA
The Tivoli Gardens in Denmark are among the most beautiful in all of Europe, so it’s no surprise that Lene and Lars Agerskov who came to the US from Denmark have put their own touch on their property on Brookfield Club Dr.  Coming from gardening families in Europe and arriving in 2002, with their two sons Morten and Thomas they fell in love with the native trees and flowers of Georgia and haven’t stopped since adding to a magnificent landscape.
Situated on a lot with steeply sloping sides on all sides the Agerskovs have taken advantage of the topography to showcase a number of trees and various shrubs to showcase their colors and structure.  Looking from the street the house is framed on the right by a mature and brilliantly colored red Bloodgood Japanese Maple.  The right side yard has a bed of contrasting golden yellow Ligustrums leading uphill to a larger bed of day lilies and butterfly bushes.
The left hillside has a huge eastern pink dogwood with beautiful azaleas leading up the hill towards the house.  As you drive by though, check out the new addition of a Ginkgo tree on the left by the street.  Gingkos are a truly prehistoric tree with their leaves having been found fossilized in amber along with dinosaur bones.  
Lene and Lars and through the years their sons, have done the selecting, digging, and pruning; Solace Landscape has helped with the heavy lifting and hardscaping of the gardens which don’t stop with the front yard.  Golfers on Hole #8 can take a second and take in the view of a massive rhododendron and even more butterfly bushes, various varieties of iris and daylilies cascading across the backyard and down to the fairway.
Most of us won’t have a chance to make it to Denmark and take in the fabulous gardens of Copenhagen, but we’re blessed to have our own little slice of a European Garden right here in Brookfield, thanks to the hard work and great eye for selection and color courtesy of the Agerskovs!