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Yard of the Month

Al and Charlene Kinnear
11640 Mountain Laurel Dr
Native Atlantans, Al and Charlene Kinnear, are the owners at 11640 Mountain Laurel Dr. this month’s Yard of The Month for Brookfield!
This Country French architectural style home is the backdrop to an amazing front yard.  There are only three like it in all of Brookfield.  Both graduates of Georgia State University; the Kinnears have been married for 62 years and moved into Brookfield in 1985.  They still do the lawn work themselves which, given the care that goes into maintaining the yard, is amazing.  In Brookfield they raised their children and have been blessed by grandchildren and great grandchildren, all of whom are still in the North Fulton area. 
The home is framed by a spectacular Ginkgo tree just coming into its golden yellow Fall color on the left.  It stands over a lush green walkway leading to a gorgeous backyard.  The rock wall surrounding it was built by their Daughter-in-Law.
Moving towards the center of the lot you’ll find a wonderful specimen of an Obishini Japanese Maple that’s turning a deep red.  In the center of the front yard is a Kousa Dogwood.  This pink dogwood is called a Stellar and was found by Al at Twin Branch Nursery.
On to the right, is a hillside garden with a cascading grouping of Limelight Hydrangeas, Loropetalum, and Encore Azaleas.  In Spring and Summer, the hillside has large groupings of Asiatic Lilies and other unusual new varieties of perennials Al and Charlene have picked up along the way in their landscaping journeys.
The center of the front yard is a large showcase bed that Charlene designed and the two of them built themselves.  The bed is edged with variegated Liriope and is covered with Coral Bell Azaleas, and more Asiatic Lilies.  The Stellar Pink Dogwood rises from the top center.
This is a yard and home I’m sure many who drive by take note of, as they should.  It’s a real credit to good plant and tree selection, a lot of hard work and most of all, Love.
Congratulations to Al and Charlene Kinnear, Novembers Yard of the Month Winners!

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