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Yard/Home of the Month

Exciting News Neighbors…... we are expanding our Yard of the Month program to feature a Home of the Month.  
We are looking for nominations for front yard, back yard, curb appeal, renovations which can include interior, exterior, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, open concept floor plans, additions, pools, etc…..If you or anyone you know has done a major renovation or updates to your home and you want to be featured in the monthly newsletter, please let us know via the website.  All we require is a brief article about you, your home and your project.  We LOVE before and after photos so we would like to include those and then one of our HOA team members will reach out to you to set a time to take a photo of you with the yard sign. The article and photos need to be done one month prior to the month you represent in the newsletter.  We do encourage our winners to be HOA members. This is a great way to feature these wonderful projects which most would never see and they can help other homeowners with ideas for their upcoming renovations.  We want to showcase homes that inspire people!  Beautiful transformations only help increase the value of our homes in Brookfield Country Club.
Al and Charlene Kinnear
11640 Mountain Laurel Drive 
We moved to Brookfield when our children were starting high school at Blessed Trinity.  We anticipated staying 6 years, and then we could move anywhere…14 years later, we’re still here.  In 2019, we were able to find a ranch house on the golf course and stay in Brookfield. We started a nine-month renovation project on the interior and when it was completed, we turned our attention to the outside. We completely scraped the existing landscape; the yard, shrubbery, and removed 17 trees.  We brought it down to dirt on all four sides of the house.  With the help of a landscape company, we designed our future yard.  Boulders were brought in and the walls in the back yard were formed, creating tiers.  (Thank you to our neighbors who put up with all the trucks blocking our street for so many days!) Sod was laid, trees were planted, and plantings were arranged throughout the property.  After a year of maturing, we are thoroughly enjoying our home, inside and out!

Previous Yard of the Month Winners
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October 2021 12158 Mountain Laurel Dr John and Linda McCarthy
September 2021 600 Ridge Brook Point Kathy and Charles Curtis
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June 2021 12180 Mountain Laurel Drive
Cheryl and Elliott Miller
May 2021 1445 Lakemist Court Patrick and Kerrie Furlong
April 2021 515 Millsbee Lane Margot Mize
March 2021 1065 Mountain Ivy Drive Jill and Mike Rohan
November 2020 11640 Mountain Laurel Dr Al and Charlene Kinnear
October 2020 860 Hickory Oak Hollow Tiffany and Andrew Gehl
September 2020 545 Millsbee Lane Susan and Warren McPhillips
August 2020 230 Greenfair Trail The Muir Family
July 2020
1155 Oakhaven Drive
Christopher and Stephanie Zercher
June 2020 325 Coppertree Court Barry and Jennifer Northenor
May 2020
12075 Brookfield Club Dr.
Lene and Lars Agerskov
April 2020 11765 Mountain Laurel Drive Roger and Gale Davis
March 2020 125 Farmstead Lane Andy and Sally Kadrich
February 2020 Brookfield Neighborhood Entrances BCC HOA
January 2020 320 Wheatridge Drive John and Debbie Harney
December 2019 795 Brookfield Parkway James and Coley Chilton
November 2019 12185 Mountain Laurel Drive Ken and Gabriele Slutzky
October 2019 785 Oakhaven Drive Gary and Jennifer White
September 2019 1220 Oakhaven Drive Pete and Marty Brenner