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Join the Board

The BCC HOA Board welcomes any resident who would like to serve. Nominations are gathered in the fall with elections held in January. Most Board positions serve a three year term. The commitment is not overwhelming, we have busy people who are able to devote a few hours a month to help the neighborhood stay a great place.  If you are interested in a board position or would like to nominate one of your neighbors, please click here and submit a nomination form.
Why join the HOA Board
Serving on an HOA board allows you to play a role in making your community a great place to live and raise your family, make friends and socialize with others living in your neighborhood. It can also provide opportunities to:
  • Meet the neighbors and have fun experiences accomplishing things around your community.
  • Protect and improve your property value and maintain the quality of life in our community. 
  • Discuss and correct problems in the community offering your opinion on solutions to the community's day to day issues.
  • Understand the perspectives of others in the community and help achieve more goals and expectations for the community.
  • Gain a better understanding of any community rules and regulations and relevant local laws.
  • Influence plans to improve the community.
  • Improve your leadership skills and help build your resume by demonstrating your volunteering experience
  • Give back to the community!