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Voluntary vs. Mandatory HOA

The BCC HOA is a voluntary nonprofit corporation which is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the members and abide by a set of rules called "bylaws." The bylaws govern how the HOA operates and contain the information needed to run the HOA as a business. Under our Articles of Incorporation “The corporation is organized to promote the civic interest and improvement of the community in general as well as to obtain various mutual advantages and protection for the benefit of the residents and homeowners of Brookfield.”
When most people hear the term HOA, they assume it’s mandatory which most HOA’s are. A mandatory HOA is one that is just that: mandatory. If a resident purchases a house or condo within the neighborhood, they are required to join the HOA, pay the dues and follow all the guidelines set forth in the governing documents. Failure to do so can result in penalties.
A voluntary HOA is one that residents don’t have to join. If someone purchases a house or condo in a voluntary HOA, such as BCC, they have the option to join or to opt-out. If they opt-out they may not know about and benefit from the HOAs programs, such as certain community events.  As well, they are not supporting their community and their neighbors in paying for the services that the association provides for the benefit of all homeowners such as the maintenance of our entrances, street signs, lighting and other community enhancements. 
As a Voluntary HOA, the BCC HOA does not have any specific covenants and regulations that it can enforce. However, ALL homeowners and residents of the BCC HOA are part of the City of Roswell. As such the BCC HOA works to keep neighbors in compliance with the City’s Unified Development Code (UDC), which outlines various specifics such as “nuisance” ordinances, the property maintenance code, parking on the street, the multi-family inspection program, overgrown yards, property abatement, and the inoperable motor vehicle ordinance. 
The City of Roswell Code Enforcement Guide, found online at www.roswellgov.com, offers a brief overview of the most common code violations. If you are a Member of the BCC HOA and have any concerns about possible code violations, please feel free to contact me or any other Member of the HOA Board or you can directly contact the Roswell Code Enforcement Bureau at (770) 594-6101 or CodeEnforcement@RoswellGov.com
HOAs are a great way for homeowners to come together to create a community they truly enjoy. In a voluntary HOA, you have a choice on whether or not to join. When making your choice, please weigh the benefits of a unified community with higher property values that come from a strong HOA presence.